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California Incorporation Questionnaire

With the California Incorporation Questionnaire you may order a California Corporation quickly and easily. Within minutes we will have the incorporation documents in your e-mail box, ready for you to sign and fax back to us for expedited filing. In the questionnaire you will see what information is necessary to incorporate. At the end of the process you can place the order, or have a representative call. We can file your Articles of Incorporation within 24 hours. All incorporations are processed through the Sacramento office of the California Secretary of State. Same day hand delivery is available for orders placed by 10:00 a.m.
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Pricing for Incorporating in California incorporation services are competitively priced. At a cost comparable to what online incorporation services charge for basic, preprinted forms, we will handle the entire scope of incorporating in California for you. Most clients will only pay incorporation fees of $235.00 plus the Secretary of State filing and priority processing fees totalling $115.00. We also prepare California compliant bylaws and an Incorporator's Action for completing the organization. Please refer to the services to form a California corporation page for available options.
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Incorporate in California

See the article on how to incorporate in California for an outline of the mechanics involved with incorporating. These steps include preparing the Articles of Incorporation, adopting bylaws and holding an organizational meeting of the directors. The article discusses post-incorporation issues such as issuing stock and electing S-Corp tax status. Your time invested to review the document is a wise investment prior to completing the incorporation questionnaire.
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California Corporation Code

Check the California Corporate Code to research applicable incorporation laws. This body of law consists of numerous subcategories. At the least, you will want to be acquainted with the laws on Organization and Bylaws; Directors and Management; Shareholders' Meetings and Consents.
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If you require assistance, or would like to discuss questions about California incorporations, you can call us toll-free. While we do not provide "legal advice", a majority of incorporators don't require a lawyer when they incorporate in California.

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