Arizona LLC Formation

The practicality of an LLC makes it a prevalent form of business organization in Arizona.

With LLC formation out-pacing incorporation at a four-to-one ratio, Arizona has adopted statutory laws creating an attractive environment to form and operate an LLC.

Learn about forming a limited liability company  in Arizona and LLC operating rules in the LLC focus .

Arizona Incorporation

Despite recent trends towards the LLC  in Arizona, incorporation is the oldest method of ensuring limited liability protection for commerce activity.

While the pass-through taxation of a LLC is often emphasized as a benefit, incorporation can be a better choice. In fact, a Sub Chapter S Corporation provides similar features of an LLC.

See how to incorporate, Arizona incorporation  procedure and the Corporate Code in the Arizona resource guide .

California LLC Formation

The newest legal form of business in California is the LLC. Since enacting the California Limited Liability Company Act, the LLC has become a common alternative to incorporating.

Read articles on California limited liability company  law, filings and operating agreements in the CA resource  and LLC guide.

California Incorporation

With its restrictive LLC laws , incorporation is still the most prevalent form of starting a company in California.

For information on how to incorporate  and preserve limited liability attributes of the company after incorporating, consult the California specific pages on incorporation.

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Ltd. Liability Companies filed by Paralegal Plus on 09/15/14 are active and approved by the Arizona Corp. Commission.

California Limited Liability Companies we registered on 09/16/14 have been certified by the Secretary of State.

Nevada Limited Liability Company incorporations filed on 09/22/14 are approved by the Secretary of State.

Paralegal Plus is for entrepreneurs starting new ventures (large and small). If you need to incorporate in Nevada, California or Arizona, we'll prepare the pertinent documents for filing on an easy cost effective basis.

We provide incorporation and LLC formation services at rates which are considerably less than those charged by an attorney. Many people doing business are realizing the economical and practical sense of engaging a non lawyer firm for assistance with company matters previously undertaken only by attorneys.

Numerous options exist to handle such matters without hiring an attorney. Our business formation documents are prepared to meet your specific needs in accordance with applicable law.

We employ attorney drafted instruments from material developed at law firms with Legal Procedural Manuals created for consultants and lawyers specializing in corporate law.

Contact us for professional, affordable California and Arizona business filings, including professional limited liability companies, single-member LLC, Subchapter S Corporation and multiple member LLCs.

For the real estate investor, attorney and CPA, we provide discounts to repeat clients.

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